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Opportunities to reduce energy consumption

For equipment manufacturers

In the current economic environment, equipment suppliers need to find ways to add value to their products / services. Energy savings when presented in correct way, is a very simple easy to understand concept. It does however demand that you as a supplier demonstrate simply and unambigiously what these savings are.

To do this, you must calculate the life energy cost of the most efficient product and that of your current or lowest cost product.

If the savings are significant, it provides you with an opportunity to offer a high efficiency variant. Invariably you will find that the savings from the most energy efficient products, will pay back the difference in initial cost relatively quickly.

For the end users of fan equipment

There has never been a better time, to demand that suppliers present whole of life energy costs. You must take into account, the whole of life cost (i.e. purchase price and energy use). If you don’t ask for energy efficiency, you wont get it.

On many occasions when we have been quoting for jobs to equipment suppliers, when we point out that a slightly more expensive fan will save the end user a huge amount of money. The comment from the equipment supplier is, “its not in our budget” or “its not our problem”.

The equipment supplier if not asked for energy efficiency, will be trying to maximise their profits by reducing costs wherever they can. If the equipment invovles fans, it is not in their interest to supply you with most efficient fans. They are not paying the electricity bill, so its not their problem. You will probably get the least cost option, which invariably is a lower efficiency fan, which will cost you considerably more in energy bills.

Be smart, ask for whole of life costs