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Centrifugal fans

Our centrifugal fans span a wide duty range of volume and pressure combinations. This enables RHF to deliver fans that operate at or close to maximum efficiency.

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Axial fans

We produce 3 main types of Axial fans, Long and short cased, bifurcated and belt driven fans.

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Our unique Smoothflow™ inlets and impellors are up to 15% more efficient than our competitors by running with less turbulence, less noise, and a lower absorbed power

Our Smoothflow™ fans have saved

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our customers this amount since 2003

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RHF aim to produce the best in class centrifugal fans

To deliver better centrifugal solutions we have designed our products from first engineering principles, which makes sure that all the fundamentals are taken care of.

We have complemented this with innovative thinking in a number of areas, which gives our products a clear competitive edge and gives our customers superior performance.

Taking care of engineering fundamental means that RHF:

Engineer all impellors to be capable of withstanding imposed stresses and to be sufficiently stiff to ensure that they run in perfect balance, by using finite element analysis to predict stresses and deflection on blades, shrouds, back plates, hubs and welds.

Precisely engineered impellors, giving mass centre of gravity and inertia to enable accurate shaft, bearing and drive design.

Check shafts for deflection and combined critical speed, taking account of loads imposed by impellor and drive.

Check bearings for combined load, life calculations and lubrication intervals. Including motor bearing and shaft, not simply fan bearing and shaft.

Deliver all of the above with absolute consistency  throughout the application of bespoke software, providing an optimum solution for each and every fan.